Our history

In 2003 ProManager Consulting company started to help construction enterprises, given back-up office services and project management consulting services.

In late 2009 we split into two different companies: AcuFast Cubicaciones and PMOChile Consultores.

AccuFast Cubicaciones is oriented to given back up office services, mainly developing material take off services, as well as bidding services.

In the other hand, PMOChile Consultores is oriented to given project management and training services.



Who we are

PMOChile Consultores is formed by several seasoned consultant, all of them certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) by the Project Management Institute, USA, having 20+ years (in average) of expertise leading or participating actively in multitasking projects for national as well as multinational companies in the mining industry, utilities and information technologies areas. Some of these companies are:


ABB - Antamina - Antucoya - CAP Minería - Collahuasi - Celta - CMD - Codelco - Colbún - Constructora CBA - EESSA - Eliqsa - Enap - Eusebio Herrera - IT-Institute - JLV - Minmetal - Ovalle Moore - PMI - Precon - PRG Consultores - SBE - Siemens - Sigdo Koppers - Transelec - Varela Construcciones, between others.


Since 2013 we integrate the AB&P training team, focused to develop training project management services in Chile, Colombia, Brasil y Mexico.

Besides, we colaborate with the PMI Santiago Chilean Chapter as trainer and instructors of porject management courses and exam PMP prep courses.