Project management


- Keeping the project alignment with goals and objectives of the organization
- Minimizing the project cost
- Fulfill project schedule
- Giving solution to main project problems
- Proper attention of stakeholders
- Fulfill quality project
- Avoid project management impromptu  

¿Why do projects fail? A: Because of lack of planning, inadequate coordination of resorces, or deficiency of control. In short, lack of professional project management.

Experience means nothing if proper technique is unknown. improvise means to increase project time and cost.

Contact us! We are all certified PMP® from Project Management Institute.  We will make a quick project survey in order to suggest inmediate and effective corrective actions.


Contract management

- Increase operational and financial performance
- Minimize costs of claims and change orders
- Reducing runtimes through standardized processes
- Reduce risk of unforeseen and their associated costs
- Keep expenses organized and monitored
- Determine most suitable types of project contracts
- Check that contractual requirements are fulfilled by suppliers
- Ensure buyer actions in accordance with contractual terms
- Have contract specialists with proven expertise
- Use of minimum staff to ensure greater profitability management


Lump sum, turn key, or time & material contracts.
EPC and EPCM contracts.
Do/Review of bidding.
Payoff back up, development and review.

Risk analysis. SWOT.

Earned Value techniques.


PMO development

- Keeping the project alignment with goals and objectives of the organization
- Cost savings via economies of repetition in the organization
- Ensure compliance with policies, standards and corporate standards
- Ensure compliance with laws, regulations and rules
- Economies of time and resources by standardizing processes
- Improve coordination between managers and project managers
- Optimize the resources shared by different projects

- Have procedures, templates and methodologies
- Building on Lessons Learned

A PMO delivery predictability. Identifies best practices and standards for project management. The type of PMO implemented will depend on maturity of the organization.



Courses and workshops

- Training in project management reduces project risks
- Quality of deliverables is asured by certified project managers
- You can drastically increase the likelihood of project success
- Project cost is keep controled by means of control failures and mistakes
- Common language helps minimize runtime errors

Looking for to ensure project outcome? Need to train employees in order to handle a common language to avoid misunderstandings? Want to train team members on project management? Want to get the CAPM certification for them? Or a PMP certification?


Below is a list of workshops and or courses we offer:
- Project Management body of knowledge (8h)

- Project Management (24h)

- Practical Workshop in Project Management (44h)

- CAPM Exam Prep. (35h)

- PMP Exam Prep. (35h)

- Project Risk Management (12 hrs)

- PMO development (Project Management Office) (24h)

- Negotiation Management (12 hrs)

- Leadership in Project Management (12 hrs)


Claim management

- Claim´s anticipation minimizes impact over project
- Allows timely provision resources
- Planning allows to control the negotiation outcome
- Obtain payment for additional executed services
- Avoid losing dissatisfied customers
- Resolve disputes without going to court
- Advice from experts with experience and demonstrable successes

The claim is an art that can resolve a dispute with mutual benefit to both parties.


Risk management


- Minimize costs by minimizing or transfer risks
- Enables provisioning of risks resouces in a timely manner
- Getting benefits from positive risks
- Support reserves for contingencies
- Timely identification of risks
- Implementation of risk workshops, detection and awareness
- Development of risk management and response plans

Risk is defined as an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, may have a positive or negative effect on project objectives.

The first rule of risk management is working risk ASAP!





- Sales increase
- Improved identification within organization
- Alignment to strategic business objectives
- Increase performance of tema members
- Greater autonomy in decision making

What is meant by coaching?
Is to develop the strategic personnel management skills, leadership, negotiation and sales.